Becoming A Great Guitar Player

There is more than one reason why people can’t find a motivation to practice guitar. If you are able to identify these reasons and altering the practicing approach, you will be able to feel more satisfied during this process and become a great guitar player. In this Rockaway Music and Arts article, we will analyze a few common motivation killers.

Putting quantity over quality

The first reason to lose motivation in this activity is focusing on the wrong thing. Namely, there are many people who are trying to excel quickly by increasing practice time. The truth is that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to playing guitar. So, the most important thing is to find a way to optimize your practice time. Obviously, hiring a guitar teacher can be quite helpful because you will be sure that you are not wasting your time on useless things.

Skipping parts of the learning process

It is crucial to measure the progress you are making. Without analyzing your results, you won’t be able to understand the effectiveness of the progress you’ve made. The smartest option is to track the progress once a week. In this way, you can understand which methods are providing good results and which ones should be replaced. It’s easy to get motivated and inspired when you know the results and effects of your practice.

Feeling overwhelmed

Now here’s another reason to lose motivation to practice guitar. You should never try to practice a huge amount of materials at once. One way to avoid a problem like this is to set realistic musical goals. You don’t have to practice scales, riffs, exercises, arpeggios and other things at once.
We hope that these tips will help you find motivation!

When I listen to the enormous cocktail of music and songs which are prevailing at the current time, I always sense the difference between every song and the other or widely speaking, every genre and the other, which can be honestly, dramatic.

This difference does not have to be unfavorable or negative all the time. Very often, diversity is a necessity in almost all aspects and media, in accordance to the diversity of tastes and interests that people do possess.

Nevertheless, a number of negative criteria have demonstrated presence in such a noble art, unpleasantly impacting upon it, and providing the aforementioned difference an unpleasant definition. When we listen to a song, we love to be fascinated by the harmony of sounds, and the special, deep meanings of its lyrics. We enjoy being overwhelmed by our imagination to take us into different worlds through the influence of the song. We also permit this song, with its main elements, the lyrics, the voice of the performer, and the music itself, to get access to the inside of us, specifically towards our emotional bases, to take control over our emotions, and to create the inner medium of us in a way that properly and sensibly reacts to the song.

Nowadays, a multitude of audible work (I cannot consider them relevant to art or music), do prevail among people, with a large population declaring themselves fans of such work, and here lies the crisis! These types of work, labeled as “music”, which I call “garage door music”, are constituted of sounds which I can say, bring nothing to the human heart and soul. Sometimes you feel neutral about them, and sometimes really disturbed by the absolute randomness of the way its “music” is played. Moreover, the lyrics do also contribute to causing you nothing but acoustic and intellectual disturbance by the meanings they refer to. Enough so, that it makes me want to call my Denver Business Attorney friend, Andrew, with Sequoia Legal, to put a stop to it! LOL

The incorporation of unwanted phrases, such as slang and sexually-related words in the song, is okay to be considered freedom of choice to some extent, but is never okay to have these sorts of work categorized as “music”. So many representations of beauty around us are being continually distorted, and certainly, we don’t want this classy discipline, which has been always deemed as soul-nurturing – to undergo further distortion and destruction, than what we do already observe.


No one can deny that music represents an important and highly effective element of our lives. It adds special tastes to our days and moments, and can in most cases be an expressive methods of our feelings and words left untold. In short, music means life!

Throughout history and eras, music occupied a prominent place in different communities, and was taken care of by a number of special and talented people, whose reputations have reached us, and still will reach the following generations. However, music was, during these eras, generally known to have the classical theme, whereas it is currently being portrayed by a variety of other genres. No matter how music is being represented, however, it is still occupying the same precious role in the view of music lovers and fans.

Some of the genres of the contemporary music include Rock, Metal, Romance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Opera, as well as some more. Each genre has its fans, lovers, and perhaps addicts as well. We all are aware that every individual has their own style, sense and taste in everything. Hip-Hop music for example, may not sound beautiful or influential to someone, yet may be for someone else. Some people are passionate towards Opera music, and consider it the essence of the real music, whereas some people may be looking at this genre as something trivial – it is after all dependent on the personal mentalities, and everyone has their full right to choose what finds favorite.

It is a must to incorporate music lessons and classes in schools. Students should be acquainted to this amazing art from their very first life stages. Having a generation which has a connection and knowledge about music is something to be highly cherished, which would most probably bring up individuals who own interest and love towards arts. Music institutes should exist in cities, along with other institutes and colleges of all other disciplines. Moreover, one of the signs of peace is indeed music; people who own passion towards this art are in most cases found to be highly peaceful, loving, and having beautiful souls and minds which never think of any bad thing such as wars, destruction, killing, or even troublemaking. Music can also be considered a means of communication; as we may encounter so many people who get along with each other only because they happen to share the same musical sense, despite the difference between them that may sometimes be dramatic.


I Want To Play Music, But How?

The passion of people towards this sensible art is doubtlessly enormous, and there exist a large number of these people, who not only own emotions, but also have an interested in practicing this art. A number of questions arise in this regard; some music lovers ask about the expenses of musical instruments, and some other have got no troubles concerning how much their favorite instruments costs, yet they struggle with finding a good place to practice their talent with total freedom. For example, playing music at home can be somewhat noisy to other living members and perhaps to neighbors, but guess what, if your house happens to have its own garage, you can get your trouble solved; a lot of music lovers, especially those who play the electric guitar and drums, find their house garages one of the greatest reliefs. That is why you should never underestimate getting a proper garage door repair, since this would most probably enable you and your music mates to be comfortable without infringing the comfort and serenity of the others’ atmospheres.

On the other hand, if you have a talent in playing another less noisy instrument, such as the piano, your choices may be broader. Piano music can indeed create a classy, attractive and calm atmosphere, which can even be enhanced the more beautiful the musical piece being played is. The majority of people welcome having a piano in their living places and do not show dislikes or objections towards it. However, in order to create the aforementioned comfortable atmosphere, one has to know how to employ this classical instrument properly; you can really cause unwanted noise and disturb everyone around if you choose to randomly press the piano keys arrhythmically, without any knowledge of what you are doing. You may think this is fun to do, but can indeed be hurtful to the value of the piano.

It is noteworthy that music has been considered by technological innovations. Technology has planned to bring music to be more convenient for its lovers; some new inventions have come out to the public which allow the individual to play the instrument of their interest anytime and anywhere, at the same time ensuring minimal disturbance to other people around, no matter what the instrument is. Therefore, we can consider these musical instruments to undergo technological modification for the advantage of fans. It is certain that more innovations are on the way, and that in the future, there will probably be no one being in the dilemma of how to enjoy practicing the talent they adore.

50th anniversary of Rockaway Music And Arts


Rockaway Music & Arts Council is 50 Years Old!

Rockaway Music and Arts Council  celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Beaux Arts Court of the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday evening, September 10, 2005

   The Brooklyn Museum’s Beaux-Arts Court was the setting for Rockaway Music & Arts Council’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. The occasion honored Helen Bartwink and Barbara Eisenstadt for their unselfish dedication to the organization for the past fifty years.

   Rockaway Music and Arts Council was Helen Bartwink’s brainchild conceived when she attended a lecture given by the late humorist, Sam Levenson. The idea was bolstered when Helen played host  to a famous South American concert pianist, Dirce Bauer of Brazil, who she graciously allowed to practice on her grand piano in preparation for a performance at Town Hall.  Mr. Levenson, along with many guests, was invited to attend the performance—and the rest is history.

   Barbara Eisenstadt has been president of RMAC for the last fifteen years. Twenty-two years ago she created the now-popular Rockaway Music and Arts Annual Fall Festival, which features art, crafts, music, and family fun. She is also responsible for the highly successful Sunset Picnic Concert Series held every summer in Fort Tilden, Gateway National Recreation Area. Barbara is also responsible for bringing the Music Memory Program of the Riverside Symphony to the school children of the Rockaways. Her creativity and devotion has made RMAC a premier cultural organization.