When I listen to the enormous cocktail of music and songs which are prevailing at the current time, I always sense the difference between every song and the other or widely speaking, every genre and the other, which can be honestly, dramatic.

This difference does not have to be unfavorable or negative all the time. Very often, diversity is a necessity in almost all aspects and media, in accordance to the diversity of tastes and interests that people do possess.

Nevertheless, a number of negative criteria have demonstrated presence in such a noble art, unpleasantly impacting upon it, and providing the aforementioned difference an unpleasant definition. When we listen to a song, we love to be fascinated by the harmony of sounds, and the special, deep meanings of its lyrics. We enjoy being overwhelmed by our imagination to take us into different worlds through the influence of the song. We also permit this song, with its main elements, the lyrics, the voice of the performer, and the music itself, to get access to the inside of us, specifically towards our emotional bases, to take control over our emotions, and to create the inner medium of us in a way that properly and sensibly reacts to the song.

Nowadays, a multitude of audible work (I cannot consider them relevant to art or music), do prevail among people, with a large population declaring themselves fans of such work, and here lies the crisis! These types of work, labeled as “music”, which I call “garage door music”, are constituted of sounds which I can say, bring nothing to the human heart and soul. Sometimes you feel neutral about them, and sometimes really disturbed by the absolute randomness of the way its “music” is played. Moreover, the lyrics do also contribute to causing you nothing but acoustic and intellectual disturbance by the meanings they refer to. Enough so, that it makes me want to call my Denver Business Attorney friend, Andrew, with Sequoia Legal, to put a stop to it! LOL

The incorporation of unwanted phrases, such as slang and sexually-related words in the song, is okay to be considered freedom of choice to some extent, but is never okay to have these sorts of work categorized as “music”. So many representations of beauty around us are being continually distorted, and certainly, we don’t want this classy discipline, which has been always deemed as soul-nurturing – to undergo further distortion and destruction, than what we do already observe.