No one can deny that music represents an important and highly effective element of our lives. It adds special tastes to our days and moments, and can in most cases be an expressive methods of our feelings and words left untold. In short, music means life!

Throughout history and eras, music occupied a prominent place in different communities, and was taken care of by a number of special and talented people, whose reputations have reached us, and still will reach the following generations. However, music was, during these eras, generally known to have the classical theme, whereas it is currently being portrayed by a variety of other genres. No matter how music is being represented, however, it is still occupying the same precious role in the view of music lovers and fans.

Some of the genres of the contemporary music include Rock, Metal, Romance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Opera, as well as some more. Each genre has its fans, lovers, and perhaps addicts as well. We all are aware that every individual has their own style, sense and taste in everything. Hip-Hop music for example, may not sound beautiful or influential to someone, yet may be for someone else. Some people are passionate towards Opera music, and consider it the essence of the real music, whereas some people may be looking at this genre as something trivial – it is after all dependent on the personal mentalities, and everyone has their full right to choose what finds favorite.

It is a must to incorporate music lessons and classes in schools. Students should be acquainted to this amazing art from their very first life stages. Having a generation which has a connection and knowledge about music is something to be highly cherished, which would most probably bring up individuals who own interest and love towards arts. Music institutes should exist in cities, along with other institutes and colleges of all other disciplines. Moreover, one of the signs of peace is indeed music; people who own passion towards this art are in most cases found to be highly peaceful, loving, and having beautiful souls and minds which never think of any bad thing such as wars, destruction, killing, or even troublemaking. Music can also be considered a means of communication; as we may encounter so many people who get along with each other only because they happen to share the same musical sense, despite the difference between them that may sometimes be dramatic.