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Community Arts and Crafts Festivals

Lively communities have been hosting arts and crafts festivals for hundreds of years and these fairs have become part of British tradition. Summer arts, crafts and music festivals attract thousands of visitors and events of this kind appeal to the masses. Visit any one of the annual community music, arts and crafts festivals and you are likely to hear and see many interesting things. These festivities usually go ahead come rain or shine and many of these fairs charge no entry fee. Enjoy a day out at your local arts and crafts fair and you will find it both entertaining and educational.

Enjoy the Fun of the Fair

Walk into any festival and you will hear music. Some festivals invite orchestras and bands to play, choirs sing at certain fairs and every good carnival invites a local band along to perform. Visit a small music festival and you may hear the sound of music pouring forth from a yamaha digital piano. Music makes the world go around and both song and dance are a pre-requisite for any community event. If reading this has whetted your appetite then visit Festival net and find out where your local annual fair will be held.

What Else Can We Expect to See at a Festival?

Go along to any arts and crafts fair and you can expect to see plenty of handicrafts. The stalls may be filled with artwork, hand- made jewellery, hand-crafted pottery, wood carvings, and sculpture and glass art. Naturally many of the stallholders will be selling their wares, so you may want to take home a memento. Don't be surprised to see stalls filled with hand knitted tea cosies, knitted toys and hand sewn cushions. Look at some of the produce on offer and your mouth will water, freshly baked cakes, succulent scones, fruit jams and rich clotted cream.

Will we be Able to Buy a Snack at the Community Fair?

Every festival has its fair share of food vendors. It would be hard to make merry on an empty stomach. Many people who organise music, arts and crafts festivals appreciate that the throngs need to be fed. Hog roasts are popular and there are bound to be queues at the hot dog and burger stalls.

Festival Fun for All of the Family

Festivals are meant to entertain young and old alike. Sit down in the sunny field listen to the strains of the Yamaha digital piano while you picnic. What better way to spend a day?